Yesterday, we finally experienced a welcome change from the gray, cloudy, and depressing weather that seems to be the norm here in Tilburg.  SNOW! Seeing as I am really a six year old child, and snow makes me more excited than Christmas morning, the first thing I did was run onto the balcony in my t-shirt to catch a few snowflakes on my tongue, before begging Willem to come outside and play with me.  When the nearly-24 year old responsible part of me realized how freakin’ cold it was outside, I decided that maybe I should put a coat on first.  Ten minutes later, all geared up (including me with my ski gloves so I would be prepared to keep my hands toasty in the case of a spontaneous snowball war that might break out along the way), we ventured outside for a walk.

Below are a few pics I took while wandering around Tilburg in my element.  Hooray for the first true snowfall of the year!


Bikes in the snow outside the apartment


Snowy houseboats on the canal


A coot trying to keep warm


The snowy canal in Tilburg




Dutch pride on the canal



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