Procrastination Station

It seems that procrastination will be the death of me.  Or my writing, at least.  The longer I take to write, the harder it has become.  I have so much to say, yet the words spin round and round my head until it becomes impossible to know where to begin.  So while I am sitting here in bed recovering from wisdom teeth surgery, I’m going to try and bring everyone back up to speed with the goings-on in my crazy life.  Fair warning: if this post seems a bit random, blame it on the pain meds!

You may or may not be aware that I am no longer in Europe at the moment.  I had planned to stay in the Netherlands until I was able to apply for my residence permit, but due to unforeseen circumstances I realized I would need to go home to take care of some details before I could come back and make the Netherlands my new residence.  Within a week of finding out that I needed to return to the U.S. temporarily I had left Tilburg, plane ticket in hand, and was on a flight to the east coast.  I’m not going to lie; I harbored a mixed bag of emotions on the 8 hour flight to Washington.  I was sad that I would be 4,000 miles away from my boyfriend for months, and both frustrated and bitterly disappointed that even after all of my planning and research I still had not managed to sort out my job and visa situation as I had expected.

At the same time, I was looking forward to seeing my family and friends, eating my favorite foods again, celebrating my favorite holidays, having access to a car, and I was happy to be in a place where going about daily life does not require so much effort.  After not having stepped foot in the U.S. for over 10 months, I couldn’t wait to walk into a grocery store without worrying that it would be closed at 4pm on a Sunday.  I was excited to strike up a friendly conversation with a cashier or a neighbor without struggling to make myself understood in a foreign language.  But mostly, I missed those little things that make home, well, home.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a girl who loves and craves nothing more than going new places and experiencing new (albeit sometimes uncomfortable and awkward) things.  But the more that I travel, the more that I appreciate how important it is to have that comfort zone, that place where you don’t have to be on your guard, and where you can ultimately recoup for your next grand adventure.  So that, my friends, is what I am doing now.

More soon on happenings back home!

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