What Weather?

Today was the first day since I’ve been in the Netherlands that I have experienced the real “Dutch” weather.  Let me give you a mini rundown of what I mean by Dutch weather.  In the span of five minutes, what starts out as a sunny, pleasantly breezy September day turns into driving rain and gale-force winds.  After dumping buckets for a few minutes, the sun teases through the clouds, lulling all the unlucky souls basking in its rays into a false sense of security.  But is this the end? Of course not. Just when you think it’s safe to throw out the umbrella, SURPRISE! More rain.  And this time it’s a depressingly grey drizzle.

Now, I was warned about this specific feature of living in the Netherlands by my ever-helpful and amazing boyfriend, but me being me, I sauntered out of the flat and down the road to the grocery store without a thought of raindrops or umbrellas.  I’ll only be gone for a few minutes, I thought.  Only a moron wouldn’t be able to see the clouds coming, I reasoned.  Well, the weather gods definitely heard my blasphemous thoughts and took offense.  Walking out of the store with groceries in hand, I was literally blown back into the store doorway by the wind.  I definitely got my exercise for the day battling the wind and rain on the way home.  Maybe that lonely little umbrella in the front hallway will get a little more love from now on.  Welkom in Nederland, I suppose!


Try, Try Again

I recently decided I’m going to try this blogging thing again, at the risk of complete and utter failure. I know I tried it before (an endeavor that quickly proved futile), but since I am not living on a ship in laptop-destroying rough seas anymore, I figure I may just have a chance at keeping a blog up and running this time. Hopefully my friends and family will find it entertaining, or at the very least, it will give mis padres a little more insight into my crazy life across the pond. More to come soon…